Boat brokers now supplying Caribe Nautica boats

The team at JR Nautical is excited to announce that we are now offering Caribe Nautica’s extensive range of high-quality inflatable boats for Australia’s boating aficionados. Caribe Nautica offers an extensive range of over 30 models, differing in size and features, but all manufactured with the highest quality fabrics and designed for optimal comfort, offering a pleasurable marine experience for all.

Every model Caribe Nautica produce is tested in a range of real-life scenarios before production begins to ensure customers are getting the safest, smoothest and most well-rounded vessel they can get their hands on for the price point. It’s no secret why this brand has had ongoing success since the mid-1980s.

The JR Nautical team is pleased to be able to procure the full range of Caribe Nautica boats for our clients, from the luxurious 20 feet DL20 model with a console front seat and built-in icebox to the 8 feet collapsible model built for casual boating, this range has something for every boating enthusiast.

Contact the team at JR Nautical to find out more about our range Caribe Nautica boats, when it comes to affordable, premium designed inflatables it doesn’t get much better than this range. As the only registered Caribe Nautica dealer in Australia, our boat brokers have the access required to help you get your ideal boat for the right price.

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