JR Nautical now providing the globally renowned Cantiere Sanova boats to Australian clients

We at JR Nautical are excited to announce that we are now a proud supplier of the Cantiere Savona yachts, available to clients across Australia.

When it comes to luxury and innovation, this brand leads the way. Made in Savona Northern Italy, the Cantiere Savona vessels are of tremendous quality, manufactured with environmentally-friendly materials, from highly contemporary designs. They are unique, luxurious and built to sustain in the modern world.

The latest boat to emerge from the Cantiere Savona range is the Luxi 35, a stunning 40-knot boat equipped with a 2-person cabin, bathroom, kitchenette, swimming platform, living area and galley.

What differentiates the Italian-made vessel from others is its hybrid power system, which allows the boat to be powered by two power sources diesel and electric propulsions.

Hybrid boats and yachts are growing in popularity due to their positive effect on the environment, making the Luxi 35 even more attractive to the consumer in today’s day of age. Not only are these kinds of vessels efficient and compact, but much more comfortable in terms of maneuverability and noise.

To learn more about the Cantiere Savona range, most specifically the Luxi 35 boat, then get in contact with our expert marine brokers today on 0490 364 633 or email us at info@jrnautical.com.au. We will happily guide you through the different features of the boat and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you soon.