Elaqua’s fully electric jet skis are coming to Queenscliff in Victoria, Australia

Elaqua Marine’s fully electric jet skis are finally coming to Australia. A first in the country, JR Nautical is proud to be importing these personal watercrafts (PWC) from California, USA. This is exciting news for our team in Queenscliff who are passionate about luxury modern marine crafts.

With more and more people opting for and investing in sustainable vehicles, Elaqua has created a 100% electric watercraft with an advanced design and loaded with high-tech features. You’ll be able to have hours of fun in the water with just a single charge and zero emissions—a huge step forward from traditional PWC’s that produce thousands of CO2 emissions per year.

This innovative PWC is not only sustainable with low maintenance, but also aims to enhance your enjoyment in the water with its unique software features. Headlining these features are:

  • 15.5″ ultra-bright touchscreen
  • 5G, WIFI, Bluetooth, and GPS
  • Smartphone connectivity
  • Onboard cameras
  • Radar sensors
  • Crash detection warning
  • Inclement weather warning system
  • Ability to connect to Spotify, so you can have your playlist blasting while you ride

There are also several ride modes so you can perfectly adapt to the environment you’re in and how you want your ride to perform. For example, Pristine Mode is perfect in crowded areas or where there is sensitive wildlife. In this mode, speed and engine noise are reduced to prevent any disturbance.

And if all those features are not enough, one of the many additions you can have is a sport drone with a case or housing that attaches to the back of your watercraft. The housing will allow you to launch and land the drone while you’re on the water so you can perfectly capture your adventures in 5k photos and videos or allow you to get a bird’s eye view of the area.

Elaqua Marine’s fully electric jet skis are expected to be available at JR Nautical before the end of 2022 for all clients in Queenscliff, across Victoria, and Australia-wide. Stay tuned for updates or contact our team for more information.