ASIS amphibious boat range now available in Australia

ASIS amphibious boats are now available in Australia! JR Nautical is excited to announce that we are now Australia’s first broker of the ASIS amphibious boat range.

ASIS manufacturers boats for over 80 countries around the world, with military, professional and amphibious ranges that all represent the ASIS values and primary features of “Design, Safety, Performance, Quality, and Innovation”.

The ASIS amphibious range is the perfect vessels for leisure boating, with a large range of sizes and styles available to suit the requirements of any boating enthusiast. The best thing about the amphibious boat range from ASIS is that every boat in the range of 4WD, allowing to drive from your beach house or boatshed directly onto the ramp and into the water.

Say goodbye to lowering your boat onto a ramp and taking it off the trailer, instead, you have the added experience of driving your boat directly into the water, it doesn’t get much better than that.

The ASIS amphibious range drives on land with a top speed of 9.0km/hr easily allowing you to drive the boat hundreds of metres from the shore. We think ASIS Founder and CEO Roy Nouhra sums it up pretty well:

“Can you imagine yourself traveling with a luggage without wheels? ASIS Amphibious system is to Boating what wheels are for luggage. Once you have tried it, you will have experienced the future of boating”.

ASUS has an extensive range of boats developed specifically for military special ops units, law enforcement, coast guard, and other professional uses, meaning you’re guaranteed high performance and top-quality safety when you purchase a boat from the ASIS amphibious boat range.

Contact JR Nautical today to find out more about the ASIS amphibious boats now available in Australia.