OKEAN Yachts partners with Australian boat broker

The JR Nautical team is proud to announce that we are Australia’s first and only supplier of OKEAN Yachts. OKEAN is a growing manufacturer of luxury vessels based in Brazil, with a focus on combining industry-leading technology with innovative, unique designs.

OKEAN prides itself on creating a seamless boating experience for marine enthusiasts, with side and aft doors that open up to create a panoramic view of the ocean, offering a lavish, yet natural experience both in the interior and exterior compartments of the vessel.

OKEAN ‘s models include:

  • OKEAN 50′ – The beauty of this vessel is only matched by its high performance.
  • OKEAN 55′ – Its w-shape and navigation is compared to Formula 1, with its 5 metres of mouth and straight prow allows plenty of room for comfort.
  • OKEAN 80′ – Love the ocean so much you want to make a yacht your home? This is the vessel for you.
  • OKEAN 50X’ – This is the Explorer version of the OKEAN 50′, designed to effectively navigate the ocean while using less fuel and maintaining optimum performance with more equipment on board.
  • OKEAN 68′ – The ideal balance and mix of safety, performance, and space with OKEAN ‘s signature aesthetic.

At JR Nautical we pride ourselves on offering our clients the highest quality vessels manufactured around the world, OKEAN Yachts are manufacture in Brazil, using the newest technology, combined with innovative, world-renowned Italian design.

Contact us today to find out more, we can provide OKEAN Yachts Australia-wide.